One-Word Resolution in 3 easy steps


one word resolutionThe thought of having a list of goals to begin each new year, tracking them, and seeing them to fruition is something I haven’t been interested in doing.  As a special education teacher, I wrote lots of goals and helped lots of students reach their goals.  I knew my resistance to New Year’s goal writing was not because of lack of knowledge. Then I heard of the One-Word Resolution.  The idea of coming up with just one word to work on for the year was something I was willing to try.  The problem was, when I sat down to think of one word, it seemed a little overwhelming.  I broke it down into 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Make a list of things that you want to change or feelings that keep you from changing. (Anita’a list: Be healthier, trust God even when it doesn’t make sense, invest in my kids on a regular basis, more intentional praying, and fear of failure.)

Step 2: Find words or phrases that will help defeat those changes.  (Anita’s words: proactive, trust, invest, fearless, health, pray)

Step 3: Now look at the list of words, do any of the words cover a multitude of desires for this coming year? (Anita’s one-word:  FEARLESS.  I am going to be FEARLESS in my decisions for healthier food, even when it is hard.  I am going to be FEARLESS as I hand life situations over to God and recognize that I am not in control.  I will be FEARLESS when investing in my kids even if they roll their eyes at me.  I will be FEARLESS in my prayer life as I pray for big things that seem impossible.  I will be FEARLESS in my adventures in 2016 as I take risks that are out of my comfort zone.)

What is your word for this year?  I would love to hear what it is and pray for you as we begin 2016!

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Things come into my life and leave a mark.  Sometimes the mark is painful and sometimes it is with great joy.  As I go through my life I can see an image or smell a scent and it will take me right back to that moment in time when the impression happened.  How has your impressions in your life molded you…shaped you…defined you?